The Benefits of Being an Octopus

by Ann Braden Year Published: 2018

WOW! This book wowed me big time- heart-felt, timely, compassionate, and a raw look at humanity. Zoey likes to stay under the radar at home and in school, but when she is forced to be a part of the debate team her eyes and mind are open to what a life she can have and deserves. When preparing for her classroom debate, she chooses to argue that the octopus is the best animal. She envisions becoming an  octopus because of their ability to camouflage, have eight tentacles to multi-task, have amazing vision and most importantly use of their powerful protective defenses. Those defenses would really come in handy so she can protect the people she loves the most. Will Zoey be able to find the courage to speak up for those she cares about, including herself, even if it means losing her home?