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The Science Department is hosting a trip to Yucatan!

Dear students and parents, we are excited to announce that the science department will be taking our students on an educational tour to the Yucatan!


WHEN: February break 2024 

WHERE: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

WHAT: An epic trip including the mangrove forests, Mayan ruins, pink lakes, bicycle tours, kayaking, snorkeling, local food and folklore, and much, much more.

PRICE: $3199 total, $286.27 per month (11 monthly payments).

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Use discount code Travel1Z (expires March 23, 2023)

WHO: High school students who are successfully enrolled in a science course (Limited spaces available; currently open to all grade levels!)

REGISTRATION: Use this link to register. 

ITINERARY: More information can be found at

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Send questions to Ms. Meuwissen at