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Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

The first day of classes at HVCC TEC-SMART is September 5th.  This is a reminder that the program hours are 7:50 AM-10:50 AM.  Students will not miss classes at their home school, but will be taking classes in the morning at TEC-SMART.  Students are enrolled in both high school and college coursework.  Here are the schedules of high school/ college coursework. High School & College Schedule  If you have specific questions regarding your child’s schedule, please contact ECHS Program Coordinator, Adrienne Snow, at

Any student who needs to self-carry medication, must get the self-carry form signed by their physician and turn it into the ECHS Program Office at TEC-SMART Medication orders 2019 - 2020.doc.  


Start of School Information

Lunch- Students will have time to eat throughout the day.  Any student who is going to miss lunch at their home school will have time to eat prior to the buses leaving at 11 AM.  There are vending machines, a refrigerator, and a microwave all for student use at TEC-SMART.

Ballston Spa Students- Any Ballston Spa student who wants a school lunch, must see Mrs. Snow on the first day of classes to get the order form.  Students who sign up must get their lunch every day or the cafeteria will discontinue the order.  A student’s lunch account will still be charged if they ordered a lunch and did not pick it up.  Students will pick their bagged lunch up from the cafeteria before getting on the bus to TEC-SMART.

School Supplies

Students will be provided with a Chromebook from the program.  Students will know what supplies they need for their college classes during the week of September 10th after meeting with their professor and getting the syllabus.  For the ECHS high school program, students will need a pen, pencil, highlighter recommended, folder with pockets or binder if preferred, and a notebook. 

Students will receive Chromebooks on the first day of classes.  Students are only allowed to use a district issued device, whether from the home school district or the ECHS Chromebook.  

Students will receive their college textbooks from the program during the first week of college classes. 


Students with a valid driver’s license can drive to TEC-SMART as long as they complete the driving form.  Here is the driving form for 2019-2020 for students who do not attend Ballston Spa High School NonBSpa Driving Form 2019-2020.pdf .  Here is the form for students who also attend Ballston Spa High School  Ballston Spa driving form 19-20.pdf .  The form is due by Monday, September 9th, 2019.  Students should reach out to their home school counseling office regarding transportation to and from TEC-SMART during the school year.  In order to be on time to college classes, we recommend that schools plan to have students here at 7:45 AM for a 7:50 AM start.  Students from Ballston Spa will get on the bus at the high school at the room 219 building entrance at 7:25 AM each morning.


Upcoming Events

Here is the calendar of dates to know for the school year.  Student Calendar 2019-2020.pdf 

Clean Tech ECHS Open House- We will hold an Open House for Clean Tech ECHS students in grades 10 through 12 on Tuesday, September 24th at 6 PM at HVCC’s TEC-SMART facility in Malta, New York.  We will meet with 10th grade parents specifically regarding the college coursework and the information covered in sophomore year. 

For up to date information, please see our website and follow us on Twitter @CleanTechECHS.