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Story Time with an Astronaut!

It was a typical school day at Milton Terrace Elementary School earlier this winter when, after receiving an internet link for a live stream of an astronaut reading from the International Space Station (ISS), Mrs. LaMountain Suchocki’s 5th grade class clicked on the link and magic happened! There was a whole group ready to present a story time with a host, the author of the book, a couple of astronauts here on Earth and a scientist who was involved in the research for the topic of the book, Water Bears or Tardigrades. Then astronaut Shannon Walker read the book, Ẅillow the Water Bear, from the ISS. She was fantastic and the students loved it. The best part was when the students could ask questions in live time. One of the students asked a great question and sure enough, after a few minutes, the host of the program announced that a fifth grade in NYS had a great question. The scientist went into an amazing explanation and the students, needless to say, were so excited!

Simultaneously in another part of the district, High School librarian Andrea Williams arranged for a class to have a surprise Mystery Reader. The High School students in Mr. Greenwald’s class were surprised to hear from the same astronaut, Shannon Walker, as she read Willow the Water Bear by Houston Kidd live from the ISS.

It was a very exciting presentation for the students who were surprised to hear from an astronaut in space, at both the elementary and high schools. Thanks to all our teachers and staff members for making it an exciting “out of this world” day for our students. Additional information and the link from the presentation is available on YouTube at