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In-school Learning & New Traffic Patterns

New traffic patterns begin October 5, 2020 - congestion in school areas expected! 

The majority of students in the Ballston Spa Central School District will begin to attend in-school classes on Monday, October 5th. The district’s Transportation Department will begin bus routes throughout the district and utilize the bus loops at each building as they bring students to/from school. An increased number of parents are also providing transportation for their students due to the limitations on numbers of students who can ride safely on a school bus due to COVID-19 regulations. Please watch for new traffic patterns and congested areas at the beginning and end of the school day at all of the school buildings. Community members are asked to watch out for the school buses and students who walk to/from school and also avoid the streets near school buildings during the drop-off/pick-up times.  

Students at the Ballston Spa High School will be dropped off in the visitor loop by the senior parking lot. Parents may enter the loop via Ballston Avenue by the electronic sign and drop students between 7:10 and 7:30 AM. All students who are dropped off by parents will enter the building at the room 219 side entrance. Juniors and seniors who drive will proceed to their assigned parking spot when attending classes in school. Please review the video posted HERE for the latest information.

Ballston Spa Middle School students will be dropped off/picked up at the north end of the building next to the tennis courts. Parents will be directed to enter from Garrett Road and drop students between 7:10 and 7:30 AM. Traffic is expected to back up as cars proceed to the drop off zone from the lot by the football field. Students will enter the building next to the cafeteria and gymnasium areas. Drivers should note that there is also a new four way intersection and new stop signs on Ballston Avenue near Thomas Avenue and Garrett Road. Please watch the video posted HERE for the details of NEW drop-off/pick-up procedures.

Malta Avenue Elementary School parents will be assigned a time to drop off their students in front of the school on Malta Avenue after the buses have unloaded students. Parents are being asked not to arrive before 9:15 AM and then to proceed to the bus zone on the east side of the street to drop off their students. Students should all exit the car quickly and look for staff to direct them into the building. Parents should remain in their car and move away as safely and quickly as possible. 

Students attending the three elementary schools on the Wood Road School Complex will be dropped off in the back of their school using the rear access road. All cars will enter from Route 67 and proceed north on Wood Road around the school buildings. Parents will be assigned an arrival time between 9:00 and 9:30 AM and should look for the designated drop off zone behind their child’s school. Students will be met at their car by staff members who will direct them into the building. Please watch the video posted HERE for the details of NEW drop-off/pick-up procedures.

Specific drop-off/pick-up procedures are being shared from each school and posted to their websites. In general, all parents should remain in the car while dropping off/picking up their student(s). Note that cars are not allowed in the bus loops during arrival or dismissal times. All students should remember social distancing and wear a mask as they proceed into the school buildings. Drivers should watch for law enforcement officers and staff members to provide traffic directions during drop-off and pick-up times.

Please contact the school office where your child attends if you have specific questions about the new procedures which will begin at October 5, 2020. Additional information is on the district website via or click HERE.


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