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SEFCU Penny Harvest Completed

The district's annual SEFCU Penny Harvest has now been completed for the Fall of 2018 (see photos below). The pennies will be totaled and schools will find out how much they can give away to area charities in the coming weeks. 


Students have started the annual districtwide penny harvest in each of the six schools. The schools will hold various activities in the coming weeks to gather up pennies which will be collected by the SEFCU mobile branch on December 4, 2018. During the last ten years students have collected and successfully donated $89,747 to local non-profit organizations through participation in the annual SEFCU Penny Harvest program.

The Penny Harvest student leaders in each school are responsible for researching local community issues and the non-profit organizations before deciding how their funds could be used to further support these non-profits. The annual SEFCU Penny Harvest is implemented in grades K-12 and has proven to be successful in educating students in service learning and financial literacy. This program teaches students about the importance of philanthropy and service as well as teaching math, communication, and team building skills.

The program is implemented in the fall of each school year and monetary awards presented to the local charities in May. Students collected over $9,400 in pennies during the fall 2017 harvest and donated the funds to eight local non-profit organizations. The district is very grateful to SEFCU for sponsoring the program and processing over 940,000 pennies.

The awards for 2019 will be presented at a ceremony on May 21, 2019 at the Ballston Spa High School. For more information, please visit the individual school websites or contact the BSCSD Office of District Advancement at 518-884-7195.

 Penny Harvest Team with Collection at Wood Road   Penny Harvest Team with SEFCU Mobile Branch at Gordon Creek

Penny Harvest Team with Collection at Malta Ave   Penny Harvest Team  at MIlton Terrace

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