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A Message from the Superintendent - September 10 Update

Dear BSCSD Parents and Caregivers:   

Thanks so very much to you all for working together with us to get us started on the new school year! From your patience and cooperation with arrival and dismissal to your communications with principals and teachers about various concerns, to having the trust in us and our processes to send your children to us for in-person instruction this year, we are grateful! 

As many of you have experienced, each day we have made various adjustments so as to get into our regular schedules and routines as quickly as possible. As we continue to do this, we have no doubt that challenges will continue and that despite our collective best efforts to manage the spread of the virus, our numbers of positive cases and quarantines will ebb and flow as we go through the year. As they do, we will continue to make sure that our quarantining instructional plan is working as well as possible to keep students on track with their learning. 

A few other points of interest for your information today: 

  1. Current Positive Cases and Quarantined Students: We currently have 14 students who have been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive and an additional 49 students in quarantine. If you would like to know the general rules for how quarantining determinations are made by Saratoga County Public Health, please see the “algorithm” pages which are posted on our Coping with COVID 
  1. Return to School for Students and Staff: For students and staff who are symptomatic and sent home during the day, Saratoga County Public Health will require PCR test results to be provided to the school in order for your child to return. This is a change from last year where results of a rapid test could be accepted. 
  1. Vaccination Options and Information: Also on our Coping with COVID page, please see information from NYS on information about and access to vaccination sites for both age-eligible students and for adults. As you will see from the quarantining algorithms, being properly masked and vaccinated can be difference-makers in whether students have to quarantine or not. 
  1. Saratoga County School COVID-19 Screening Testing Program: As noted in our Reopening Plan Framework, we will also begin our PCR-based weekly screening testing program for unvaccinated staff which is now a NYS requirement. We will also be testing a percentage of our unvaccinated students each week whose parents provide us written permission to do so. It is important to note that there is no requirement that unvaccinated students undergo screening testing and those who do not participate can still come to school. More to come on this next week.

 Thanks again and wishing you all a restful and relaxing weekend. 

Ken Slentz

Superintendent of Schools


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