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Updates for Elementary Families 10-22-21

Dear BSCSD Elementary families,


After School Activities Update:  The District is still not able to provide late bus runs at the elementary level, but we are starting to offer some after school activities at the buildings.  After-school advisors for the various activities will directly communicate with families regarding starting these activities and when students will need to be picked up.


Arrival/Dismissal: We thank you all for helping us to continue to improve our pick up and drop off procedures at the Wood Road complex.  As we evaluate our processes, please help us by reviewing the following items:

  • Traffic coming onto the complex should remain in ONE LANE while driving on Wood Road.  This is a public road and we need to allow for two-way traffic which includes our resident neighbors on this road.  Once vehicles turn onto the complex and get to Wood Road School, then two lanes can form for drop-off and pick-up.


Instructional Support for All Students: All of our staff is committed to supporting students in their learning journey.  Throughout the school year students may need additional support with a key concept or skill in math. These supports may be provided in the classroom or in a small group setting outside of the classroom by a Math or Reading Specialist. This additional timely support will occur during our What I Need (WIN) time in your child’s schedule. The goal is to address a specific challenge that your child is having with targeted instruction that will allow them to overcome the challenge and get back on track as quickly as possible with their learning.


Parent-Teacher Conferences: Conferences are coming up soon (November 30 - December 3).  Teachers will be contacting families directly to schedule these conferences.  

What is working well for our students?  This school year we are using a new survey tool called ThoughtExchange. Please let us know your thoughts by providing feedback on following:

Knowing that certain parts of our reopening plan are required by NYS and cannot be changed by the District (e.g., masks, testing of unvaccinated staff), please share your thoughts on what is working well for our students and/or what improvements we should consider as we continue to refine our plan.

Please take a few minutes to participate by clicking on the following link: Thank you!!!