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Updates for Elementary Families 10-1-21

Dear BSCSD Elementary families,

Hello and Happy Friday.  Please read below for two important updates and have a great weekend!

-BSCSD Elementary Principals

 Learning Plan for Students Quarantined by Saratoga County Public Health Services

Based upon the experiences of our students, teachers, and families this year and feedback we have received over the past few weeks, we have made some modifications to our existing plan to support students who are quarantined by Saratoga County Public Health Services. Our goal for elementary students who are quarantined is to provide them with academic support to maintain their learning and to continue connections with their teacher and class while they are out of school. Please review the protocols below and contact us should you have any questions.

As soon as possible after being notified that your child is quarantined by Public Health, the school the child attends will be in contact regarding how you and your child can access learning materials. This is considered “Day One”. Students will then have:

  • Daily contact with their teacher in the form of a “check in”using Google Meet to establish daily work-flow,
  • Asynchronous work assignments and objectives, and 
  • Possible access to tutoring depending on your child’s situation.


The following timeline for instruction is in place to allow teachers an opportunity to thoughtfully plan for temporary quarantine instruction.  

  • On the day following quarantine notification, families will be notified of when to pick up instructional materials at the building.
    • The teacher will contact the family to develop a plan for supporting the student over the course of the quarantine.  This plan will include:
      • A daily check-in with the teacher.
      • A schedule of offline learning activities for the student to complete each day.
      • Eligibility of up to 2 hours of tutoring each day of quarantine determined by teacher and family collaboration.
    • There may be instances where a teacher is able to provide the “check-in” beginning “Day One” of the student’s county quarantine and your child will be contacted by the teacher accordingly. However, this is not the district’s expectation. Most often, you will see check-ins begin on “Day Two.” 


After-school Activities

Due to an extreme shortage of bus drivers, we unfortunately will be delaying the start of our after school activities which were scheduled to begin next week. We are reviewing options for continuing to provide these activities and in the event that we are unable to provide transportation, we will have to consider alternative formats for offering these activities or limit the options that we can offer. We will update you on this next week.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to refine our processes to provide the best possible learning experiences for our students.