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6th Grade Social Studies Students "Dig Up the Past"

Anne Clothier from the Brookside Museum recently  visited Ms. Mion and Ms. Pusatere’s 6th grade Social Studies classes. The students were learning about prehistoric times. Ms. Clothier introduced the students to “the fascinating world of archaeology”. As part of the presentation, students were able to examine and discuss local artifacts as well as pretend they were archaeologists, by excavating their own artifacts.

SS Presentation 2019 1  Ms. Clothier Presents Artifacts

SS Presentation 2019 2

Ms. Clotheir Shares an Arrow Head 

SS Presentation 2019 3

Ms. Clothier Presents Information

SS Presentation 2019 4

Students Observe Artifact

SS Presentation 2019 5

Artifact Trays for Student Exploration

SS Presentation 2019 6

Students Investigate Artifacts