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Newsletter: Sept. 29, 2020 Re-opening and More

Ballston Spa Middle School News 

September 25, 2020

Dear Scottie Families, 

I want to thank everyone for all of the hard work and effort that made the launch of our school year, in a remote world, as positive as it could be. It has taken a team effort from our students, staff and parents to ensure the successful lift off of this unique start to the school year. We are learning, growing and getting better together everyday. Thank you again for your support. 

Please keep in mind that we will welcome our in person students October 5th, as a result a large portion of this update will  be focused on the operations of our school in the Hybrid Model. We ask that you read through this document carefully as there have been some slight changes to our learning schedule and large changes to our arrival and dismissal protocols. All of the changes in order to accommodate the safety requirements of the hybrid student day. We hope it will answer many of your questions, as always, if you still have questions do not hesitate to reach out to the school! 

Changes Beginning October 5th  

  1. We begin our 50% Model on Monday Oct.5th - our start time 

is 7:35 - see schedule change later in this document. This new class bell schedule is for all students including remote hybrid and fully remote students! 

  1. When will my child report for in person learning? 
    1. Students with the last names beginning with A-K will report on Monday and Tuesday.
    2. Students with the last names beginning with L-Z will report on Wednesday and Thursday. 
  2. When a student is not scheduled to report to school in person, they are expected to log into class remotely, as they have been so far this school year! Attendance will be taken and work assigned. 


Daily Schedule - Hybrid Model and Remote Beginning OCT 5th 

Block 1 - Begins at 7:35 for ALL students ( In Person and Remote Hybrid and Fully Remote) 

Block 2 - 9:15 - 10:45

Block 3 - 10:50 - 12:50 

Lunches (Lunches roll through 3rd Block)

Monday and Wednesday - 6th Grade Lunch 10:50-11:20, 7th Grade Lunch 11:35-12:05 , 8th Grade Lunch 12:20-12:50

Tuesday and Thursday - 6th Grade Lunch  10:50 - 11:20, 8th Grade Lunch 11:35-12:05, 7th Grade Lunch 12:20-12:50

Block 4 - 12:55-2:25


” Extra Extra Read all About it”

Arrival and Dismissal Procedure - Please Read Carefully ! 

Scottie Families - We ask for patience with our arrival and dismissal procedures - we know the first few days will be slow, and like with all of these changes we will learn new and better ways to serve you and your children. We ask that if you are picking up or dropping off your child that you plan ahead for delays, with this part of our day we prefer to go slow and be safe! Be prepared to be patient - we are in this together! 


Arrival and Dismissal Procedure 


  1. Will Enter at the front entrance and be directed to the cafeteria.
  2. Students may enter the building at 7:10am and will have to sit in a seat in the cafeteria until dismissed to Block 1.

Car Riders  - NEW!!!!!  - Parents we have a potential of 200 cars everyday dropping off students, as a result we have had to change our plan for student drop off of car riders. We need your patience and assistance with making this work. Please read the instructions below and feel free to ask any questions. Please know as we execute this plan we fully anticipate having to change and tweak the plan to make it the most safe and efficient way to move our car riders out in the afternoon. Again thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience. 


Arrival  - Car Rider drop begins at 7:10 and runs through 7:30


  • Drop Off will take place at the side lots off of Garrett Road. ( read carefully).


  1. In the morning - Cars will enter into the lot closest to the athletic field and flow around the tennis courts to the building. We will unload cars at the sidewalk only - approx. 10-15 cars at a time. 
  2. Students will enter from Garrett Road lot and will be directed to the Cafeteria and Gym area to sit in a desk until dismissed for Block 1. 
  3. Students may be dropped off at school starting at 7:10 -7:30.  We strongly encourage families to plan ahead and drop students off sooner versus later as traffic will be congested. 
  4. We ask that students who are dropped off after 7:35 come to the main entrance to check in with the front receptionist as they are late at this time and will need to sign in before going to class. 


Dismissal -Car Rider pick up begins at 2:10

  1. Similar to drop off, our car rider pick up will take place in the Garrett Road parking lots. 
  2. Cars will enter into the lot closest to the athletic field and flow around the tennis courts to the building. 
  3. We will have 3 safe zones for students to stand and wait for their parents to arrive. 
  4. We anticipate a congested pick up and ask for patience as we refine our plan. 


Arrival and Dismissal Procedure (continued)

Bus Riders - Arrival and Dismissal 

  1. Bus Riders will have assigned seats, buses will be cleaned between runs. 
  2. Buses riders will be kept on the buses until 7:25. At 7:25 we will begin a staggered release of bus riders into the building. 
  3. Bus Riders will enter the building through different entrance points and walk directly to their first class of the day. Unless you are going to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. 
    1. 6th graders - Main Entrance
    2. 7th Graders - The Far Entrance 
    3. 8th Graders - Through Middle Entrance
  4. At the end of the day the bus riders will be dismissed in a staggered fashion to get on their busses.  Once all are on the buses they will roll out. 

General Safety Items

Pinpoint - Wellness Screener - All persons, students and staff will fill out the Pinpoint Health Screener before 7:10am daily. This form comes to BSCSD Staff and Families every morning either by text message or email.  An email from our district office has been sent to families explaining the pinpoint process.  If you have questions or issues please reach out and we are happy to assist. 

Nurses Office - If during the day a student feels ill they will report to the nurses station. We will have a separate designated isolation room for persons present symptoms of COVID. 

Mask Safety

  1. Masks are to be worn AT ALL TIMES except when a child is eating lunch.
  2. Cloth Mask and Disposable Surgical style Masks ONLY - Gators and bandanas are not approved as masks. If a child comes without the correct mask we have extra to provide. 

Safety in our School Spaces - Classrooms, Halls and Cafeteria

  1. Our classrooms have been modified to ensure we are adhering to all social distancing rules. 
  2. Student Masks must remain on while in the classroom/halls/restrooms/lunch (when not eating )at all times. 
  3. We have protocols in place to be sure if a situation occurs where a contact tracing protocol must happen we are able to do it effectively. 
  4. There will be NO LOCKERS available to students.
  5. Students will be directed to walk to right in the halls - yellow tape is placed in the halls to designated flow of traffic. 
  6. We have increased the passing time between class periods to allow for staggered class changes to reduce numbers of students in the hall. 
  7. All tables have been removed from the cafeteria and instead students will sit in desks. We will have hand sanitizer station throughout the cafeteria. 
  8. We strongly encourage students to bring a reusable water bottle as students will have access to water only through the bottle filling stations. The mouth pieces on the water fountains are covered until 

Technology and School Supply Reminders

  1. Remember students will not have access to lockers this year. 
  2. Students must bring chromebooks daily for instruction.
  3. Please be sure students are charging and powering down chromebooks every night.
  4. Clear your Chromebook History daily. 
  5. Be sure you are keeping your chromebook in a safe place.
  6. In person students please be sure to have a secure and sturdy bag to carry your chromebook. 
  7. Because we do not have lockers this year we ask that you remind your student to turn off cell phones and place them in book bags during school hours. We fully anticipate you will need them during dismissal. 
  8. Please be sure you bring your needed school supplies including a supply of writing utensils as students will not be permitted to share items. 
  9. We strongly encourage students to bring a reusable water bottle as water will only be accessible through the water bottle filling station.