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Rube Goldberg Projects Come to a Completion

This week in 7th grade science, students finished the culminating project for their simple machine unit.  Classes developed a “Miniature Golf Course” that included the use of the 6 simple machines.  Each group was assigned to make a 6-12 step Rube Goldberg Machine that linked to the neighboring groups project.  Students then linked their smaller project to their classmates to make one giant Rube Goldberg machine with 56 different steps.  Projects included wedges, screws, incline planes, pulley, lever and wheel & axle.   Projects were constructed of recycled materials primarily cardboard and old toys.  This project marked the culmination a 2 week unit for students. 

rube goldberg 1 2020

rube goldberg 2 2020

rube goldberg 3 2020

rube goldberg 4 2020

rube goldberg 6 2020