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We Support One Another at BSMS

Students in Art grade 6 during 4th quarter are finishing up their team installations. The display is in support of the  No Place for Hate initiative using the overarching theme “We Support One Another At B.S.M.S. Thank you to Officer Becker for being a part of this piece entitled “Stop Bulling” using cars following the rules of the road led by Officer Becker.  

Come to the Middle School and High School Student Art Show on Tuesday, May 21st to see the all the Art 6 quarter four installations created.


Art 6 No Place For Hate Art Display



Officer Becker No Place For Hate Sculpture. 

The cars are hate and our Officer Becker is telling them to STOP HATING as they drive on our road to success. We are a No Place for Hate school and community!