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Forces and Motion at Work

Seventh grade science students recently completed an Egg Launch Project based on the idea of Virgin Galactic’s Space Mission.  The goal of this activity was to safely return a pilot (egg) to the ground after being ejected from the cockpit of a doomed aircraft.  Students worked in teams to design and construct a crash pod out of everyday items such as straws, cotton balls and popsicle sticks.  The final day of this week long project gave students the opportunity to put their designs to the test when their crash pods were launched with a giant slingshot!  The winner was the team that designed a successful crash pod with the lowest overall mass.  This project is the fun culmination to our Forces and Motion Unit. 

   2019 Egg Launch 1

   7th Grade Science Annual Egg Launch

 2019 Egg Launch 2

 Success! The Egg survives the test!

2019 Egg Launch 3