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    There are many areas to the website that I know you will find great value in. My goal is to make the website not just a tool for me, as the teacher, to connect with parents, but also a learning tool and resource for the students.

    Class Descriptions: All class syllabus are linked in the Classroom News Section.

    Studio in Art For 8th Graders:In this course, you will make creative decisions that will lead you down a unique path of artistic individuality. We will establish the foundations of the elements of art and principles of design, becoming more complex, and earning more freedom as the class progresses. This class will provide you the opportunity to develop your own artistic voice while building a strong technical background.

    Philosophy:Art is a creative process of inquiry and problem solving. Artists create shapes, manipulate materials, and define space in order to express ideas and emotions. The full studio experience includes exposure to multiple materials and techniques, art criticism, aesthetics and art history.


    1. To provide a sound aesthetic and technological foundation allowing the student to develop skills that can be applied in future Art courses or other subject areas.

    2. To provide a learning atmosphere that will encourage and enable the student to create.

    3. To teach students to use their powers of observation along with their ability to analyze and think critically.


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