Ms. Kohl

  • Ms. Kohl's Business Education Information

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    I am available during your study halls and lunch
    if you need extra help or computer time to work on your assignments. 

    What do I expect from you? 

    I expect:
    -That you will come to class on time.
     -That you will be prepared (agenda, pen, etc).
    -That you will listen and follow directions given.
     -That you will use class time wisely.
    -That you will be respectful to those in the class with you and
    the computers you are working with.
    -That you WILL NOT use your cellular devices during instructional time.

    **Grading Policy**
    -All assignments are important, it is your responsibility to complete them.
    You will be given class time to complete each assignment. 
    If you choose to not do the assignment during the designated class time,
    you will receive a 0 for that assignment.

    -Your grade will be based on the total points
    of your assignments, projects, quizzes that you earned for each quarter.

    -Late work will be accepted up to 10 calendar days after it was due. 
    Penalty of 10% off will be given for all late work.

    - Semester courses: each quarter is worth 40%, final project 20% 
    -FY course:  each quarter is worth 20%, final project 20%

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    Have a great school year and remember to learn something new everyday :)