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Report Cards & Interim Reports

We offer the opportunity to view student report cards fully online. It should be noted that neither the appearance or the layout of the portal have changed. You will still view assignment, grade and attendance detail as you always have. The Report Card document can be generated and viewed/printed as often as you desire from within the portal.

If you are unfamiliar with generating the Report Card (or Interim Report), please follow the steps below.

1. Log into the portal and select a student from your Home Screen.



2. Select the "Grades" tab.



3. Identify that you have selected the appropriate School Year, Report Type, and Grading Interval from the drop-down choices. The system always defaults to the current school year, the most recent completed Marking Period and Marking Period Grades (which are report card grades). If you were to print an Interim Report, you would choose "Progress Report Grades" from the drop-down. Once you have identified the Report type and parameters, simply click the printer icon to generate the full Report Card document.



4. Notes:

-The report is generated using a Crystal Reports viewer browser plugin. This plugin will probably need to be installed the first time you attempt to generate a report. This plugin is safe and necessary in order to view reports.

- The resultant report card document will pop up in a new window. Many browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc...) will "block" the report window pop-up. Either choose to allow this pop-up when prompted by your browser, or consider always allowing pop-ups from our domain (

If you experience difficulties beyond the scope of this overview, please email us directly at: