Overview - What I'm doing this year and contact info

  • Welcome to my new website!

         For the 2018- 2019 school year, I will be co-teaching in 4 Sections of Introduction to Algebra  with Mrs. Hurst and a section of Applied Intro to Algebra.

         I generally see students on my case load three days per week during Introduction to Algebra. Other students in these classes may have a different case manager, but receive their Integrated Co-Teaching services from me.

         The exception to this can be students with a 504 Plan. I often have very few of these students in any classes, so it is especially important that students understand their accommodations and program modifications so that they can advocate for themselves.

          Many students find that the content is more in-depth than in previous settings. Students must make arrangements to get extra help, by seeking assistance during study halls, via advisory in department offices, or by making arrangements to stay after school with myself or their general education teacher.

    Students in the Applied Intro to Algebra class will find that we are working to develop problem solving skills that will be utilized next year to successfully complete the Regents exam. 

                The best way to contact me is through email at school: jfenton@bscsd.org