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          “Tell me & I’ll forget.  Show me & I’ll remember.  Let me do it & I will understand.”

    Source unknown, but often attributed to Confucius



    I believe that the purpose of Social Studies education is to help young people learn to make informed, well-reasoned decisions as citizens of our culturally-diverse global society.  Social Studies teachers strive to help students make sense of our past so that they may best determine how to shape our future. To do this, we focus on four major disciplines: history, geography, government, and economics.  As such, students are required to earn 4 Social Studies credits in Global History & Geography, U.S. History & Government, Participation in Government, and Economics. To graduate, students are required to pass Regents exams in Global History & Geography as well as U.S. History & Government.

    In all of the courses that I teach, I strive to enable students to “do social studies.”  This means that I do not want students to simply recite content back to me; I want students to become independent thinkers who can use skills to evaluate sources and link content to the enduring issues we encounter in our everyday lives.  Consequently, students will be taught to use the following Social Studies practices as they encounter historical content: gathering, using, and interpreting evidence; historical thinking (contextualizing time & place, viewing events through a historical lens, relating cultural/religious beliefs to human decisions, and considering multiple perspectives); geographic reasoning; social and political participation; and economic evaluations.

    For specific information about a particular course, click on the appropriate topic Global 9, Global 10, or History of the Holocaust.  All of the student information is posted on our class Schoology web page.

    Contact Information:  Feel free to contact me via telephone or email.  During the school day, I am busy working with students and am not always able to immediately respond to calls or emails.  Yet, I strive to return calls and/or emails within a day of receiving them.


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