Important Dates


    Important Program Dates

    Thursday, September 5th- 1st Day of High School Class

    Monday, September 9th- 1st Day of College Class

    Wednesday, September 18th- School Picture Day

    Thursday, September 24th- 6 PM- Open House for 10th -12th Grade Parents/Guardians at HVCC TEC-SMART

    Thursday, October 10th- HVCC ids will be issued at TEC-SMART

    9th & 10th Grade Student Project Exhibitions

    11/13 and 5/20

    Important Dates for 9th Grade

    9th Grade Visit Dates (7:50 AM-10:50 AM) – September 17th, October 8thNovember 13th, December 10th , January 14th , February 4th, March 17th , April 21st, and May 20th 

    (Weather permitting)

    Important Dates for 10th Grade

    10th Grade Visit Dates (7:50 AM- 10:50 AM)- September 19th, October 10th, November 13th, December 12th, January 30th, February 27th, March 19th, April 23rd, and May 20th

    (Weather permitting)

    9/9/19- HVCC Online College Course Begins


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