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  • Welcome to the Wood Road Third Grade Website!


    Thank you for visiting the Wood Road Third Grade Website.  We are presently working on organizing the site in order to give you updated information, resources, and activities to use at home.





    Our Goals:

    • To celebrate students' individuality, while supporting and challenging their academic growth. 
    •  To have students experience unity, belonging and friendships while simultaneously learning content.
    • To have the children become more independent thinkers and learners.
    • To have the children take responsibility for themselves and their work.
    • To create an environment where the children enjoy school and learning.
    • To prepare the children for fourth grade (and beyond).


    Please take time together to:

      • Practice adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers with borrowing and carrying
      • Memorize multiplication and division facts
      • Read, Read, Read!
      • Read for enjoyment, read with others, read to and with each other!
      • Discuss books with each other. Talk about the characters, setting, problem, solution, and main events of the story.
      • Write, Write, Write!
      • Write letters to friends and families.
      • Keep journals, diaries, and notes.
      • Write captions for your favorite pictures.
      • Write stories about special places you've visited or memories your family has.
      • Visit places! Go to museums, libraries, and community events.
      • Be active! Take walks and enjoy nature.

       This is going to be a wonderful year for your third grader! There will be a lot of new opportunities, challenges, responsibilities and accomplishments. Many third graders  join choir and participate in after school activities.  Third graders will have two New York Tests (ELA and Math).  They will be reading many books, performing experiments, studying for tests, going on field trips and so much more!