5th Grade
  • On Our Way to Success in 5th Grade!


    Welcome to 5th grade!  Our class will be fun, fast-paced, and challenging!

    There are lots of resources available this year to help you in school and at home as you get used to the 5th grade routine.  To be successful in class some of the things that may be new to you this year will be:

    -Google Classroom pages for all current units in math, E.L.A., science, and social studies.

    -Homework posted online and updated daily.

    -Tutorial videos posted on the Google Classroom site daily that reteach the skill learned in math class. 

    -Textbook pages that re-explain the skill learned in written format and provide additional practice questions.

    -Individualized iReady instructional lessons in math and E.L.A.

    Our goal for you this school year is for you to gain confidence and knowledge!  We look forward to working with each of you towards your success!  Feel free to contact us anytime via email (kmanke@bscsd.org/tsmith@bscsd.org) or district phone (518-884-7290).