Details of 'Be the Light'

  • Character Trait Cards:



    Being careful with something or someone because it is important.

    Responsibility/Self Control


    Being accountable for your own words and actions. Keeping your emotions, words and actions under control.



    Show an understanding for the needs of others.



    Always keep trying even if it would be easier to give up.




    Recognizing and respecting the rights and beliefs of others.




    Being without fear and doing the right thing. Being proud of who you are.




    Being truthful in what you say and do.



    Play by the rules, share, take turns and listen to what others are saying.



    Working to make your home, school and community a good

     place to be.


    Our Milton Terrace Daily Promise/School Rules:

    I promise to be kind, be safe, and do my best EVERY day!

    This is a promise that the children and staff make daily. It is our job as educators to relate daily situations back to this promise in order to help children make real life connections and follow through with being kind, safe, and doing their very best.

    Are you being kind right now? Is that a safe choice? Is that your very best?

    These are simple questions we can refer to throughout the day.

    My Light is Bright!


    I am kind

    I am safe

    I do my best everyday


    Ø I say and do nice things.

    Ø I care about others.

    Ø I share.

    Ø I help others.

    Ø I make good choices.





    Ø I keep my hands, feet, and other objects to myself.

    Ø I walk quietly through the halls.

    Ø I report danger to adults.


    Ø I try my best no matter what.

    Ø I work hard.

    Ø I believe in myself.

    Ø I raise my hand when I have a question.

    Ø I am respectful and responsible.


    Voice Levels in Common Areas:

    This voice level chart should be used throughout the building.

    Each level has a corresponding number and color which will be displayed throughout the building.

    RED level 0……..No talking

    ORANGE level 1……Whisper

    YELLOW level 2….Conversation (Inside Voice)

    GREEN level 3……Playground (Outside Voice)


    Whole Body Listening:

    1)   My eyes are watching.

    2)   My ears are listening.

    3)   My lips are sealed.

    4)   My hands are still.

    5)   My feet are quiet.

    Kids Care Volunteer Organization:

    A great way for children to be able to “shine their lights” is through helping others. It is important for children to recognize that we are all important members of our community, and that no matter how big or small, or old or young we are, we can all work together to help others around us. With that in mind, each grade level will choose one volunteer project to complete during the school year. Our school-wide volunteer project will be ‘Penny Harvest’.

    For more information about Kids Care, feel free to go to…