Meet our Physical Education Team

  • Miranda Glogowski, Physical Education Teacher
    Mr. Thomas Dufort, Physical Education Teaching Assistant 
    Things students and parents/guardians should know for Physical Education class:
    • Athletic sneakers are recommended for safety reasons. 
    • Students should come to Physical Education class prepared by wearing sneakers. It is recommended, but not required, that students in grades 3-5 change into active wear for Physical Education class. Students may change into a t-shirt only or a t-shirt and athletic type shorts or pant. Students should bring their clothing on Physical Education class days in a bag. 
    • Some instructional topics we cover are the fundamentals of basketball, soccer, swimming (grades 3-5 only), lacrosse, hockey, throwing, catching, running, exercise, bowling, etc. Instruction and activities are based on the grade level of our students.
    • Good sportsmanship is taught and re-enforced throughout the school year.
    • We follow the school's student Code of Conduct - be safe, be respectful, be responsible and be kind.
    • Intramurals are offered in the fall, winter and spring for students in grades 4 and 5.
    • We believe communication between school and home is important, so if parents/guardians have any concerns/questions throughout the school year, please contact Coach Glogowskii and she will return your call when she is available.
    • Have fun!