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    Welcome to the MT Nurse website 

    Shirley Podkulski, R.N.
    (518) 884-7210 x3320
    Fax:  (518) 884-7219
    Twitter: @MTEschoolnurse
    8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

    Please keep your school nurse informed of changes in your child's health, allergies, injuries, etc.

    Deciding When Your Child Should Stay Home:
    When deciding whether or not to send your child to school, the following guidelines may be helpful. Please keep your child home if:  

    • A fever (100 degrees or higher) is present or has been in the past 24 hours.
    • The child has a cold with a heavy nasal discharge and/or a persistent cough.
    • The child has a sore throat, vomits before school, has an unidentified rash or is tired and generally not well.





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