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    November/December 2019

    Dear Parents,

    The holidays are quickly approaching and excitement is building. We have a busy couple of months ahead, so please continue to support your child in his academic work.

    Coming up in November and beginning of December are our parent-teacher conference. Most of you have signed up and will receive a reminder. 

    Just quick update on our curriculum. The class has been learning about our Constitution and Congress. They are really starting to understand how our government works. Later in the year, we will be learning about other governments from around the world and they can compare.

    In math, we have been concentrating on time and elapsed time, along with measuring for weight and capacity. This also includes addition and subtraction for computation. By December, we will be back to multiplication and division with factors 5 to 10. Please work with your child to learn his/her multiplication facts.


    Again, please be sure to check your child's agenda daily for homework and notes from me. Any questions or concerns, feel free to email or jot a note in the agenda and I will respond as quickly as I can.

    I hope you enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

    Happy Holidays,

     Ms. Mary Samoranski