NYS Learning Standards Information and Resources

  • To learn more about the Common Core standards in the Ballston Spa Schools, please review the information and helpful links at the left and below.  Please know that the K-8 standards are currently under review by New York State, and new draft standards are expected in early 2017.  We are proud that we have Ballston Spa staff members as part of the Standards Review Committee, along with participating in various other State committees including test item review.  When final regulations are passed regarding implementation of the new standards, we will begin our work aligning curriculum, instruction and resources to the new framework.  If you have specific questions about the learning standards, please contact your child's teacher or principal.  Information about the current Learning Standards in ELA and Math is available on EngageNY.   


    What are the Common Core Standards?

    The Common Core Standards are a set of expectations for each grade level (K-12) in ELA and mathematics.  The standards were written in consideration of what today’s student needs to know and be able to do to be successful beyond high school.  Teachers are expected to make changes to their instruction to support the standards.  These changes are called “instructional shifts” and there are six shifts for ELA and six for Mathematics. 

    View the Teaching is the Core video to see and hear teachers and students working in common core focused classrooms.

    Click here for the entire Common Core video library on EngageNY.  Please note that on the left side of the page it can be sorted by grade level and content area.

    How will the Common Core Standards Affect Students?  

    Through the Common Core Standards, educators hope to enrich our vision of a challenging, rigorous education for all students.  In classrooms, teachers are ensuring that they meet the demands of Common Core’s “instructional shifts”. 

    In English Language Arts, this means students will:

    - Read a balance of fiction and nonfiction text

    - Learn about the world and other content areas through reading

    - Read texts that are challenging and promote their growth as readers

    - Use information from text to support their ideas, answers, and arguments

    - Use and refer to sources of information in their writing

    - Continuously build vocabulary related to every content area

    In mathematics, students will:

    - Focus on completely understanding math concepts

    - Build upon their knowledge of math concepts from year to year

    - Frequently practice math facts to memorize key concepts and functions

    - Understand many ways to solve mathematical problems

    - Apply math to “real world” problems

    - Practice, practice, practice – so they not only know their math facts but know when and how to apply them to a variety of math problems

    The New York State Education Department, The National PTA and other organizations have developed a series of guides for parents to help explain the new common core standards and what they should see in their child's learning.  Please follow the links below to reach the additional resources.

    For additional information, questions or concerns, please contact the Coordinator of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction at 884-7210 ext. 3459.