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  • We are thrilled to welcome back our in-person learners tomorrow, October 5th! We could not be more excited to see our students! 


    I want to take a moment to thank our incredible Malta Avenue community, including Malta Avenue staff members, students, PTA members, families and caregivers. September has been unique and challenging, and yet, our community has come together to support each other in so many incredible ways. I have received countless emails from parents and caregivers letting me know how much they appreciate their child’s teacher and our school as a whole for doing our best to offer students the best possible education during these uncertain times. We could not have done this without all of you! I have been in awe of the many ways our PTA and families and caregivers have contributed to our school. Below are just some of the ways you all have supported us: 

    • The PTA created a banner that is now hanging on the fence in front of Malta Avenue. 
    • Parents, students, and family members came to the building today (Sunday) to create chalk art as a way to welcome back our students tomorrow. 
    • The PTA wrote a grant and received $1500 to purchase toys and activities so that every student can have their own recess/break bags. We are incredibly grateful! 


    Thank you Malta Avenue community! 


    Please see below for important reminders and information: 

    Pinpoint Survey:

    Just a quick reminder about the importance of filling out your student’s wellness survey every morning regardless of whether the student is at home learning remotely or attending in school.  This is a New York State Department of Health requirement for daily health screening and reporting. Please note that all student information is protected under both state and federal law. The Pinpoint Health vendor meets all necessary requirements under the District’s student data privacy policy. For additional information please visit the website at


    Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for Drop-Off and Pick-Up Students: 

    Drop-off Protocol

    • Parent drop-off and pick-up during arrival and dismissal will take place on Malta Avenue.
    • Students will exit the vehicle and enter the building through their designated entrance.
    • School staff will assist students in getting to the correct entrance and their classroom. 
    • When you arrive in front of Malta Avenue, please stop your car on the playground-side of Malta Avenue (Southeast side of the street, heading north).
    • Please remain in your car and say goodbye to your child in the car. If you need assistance please pull around to Chapman Street. Students will walk directly into the building with guidance from staff. 


    In an effort to encourage social distancing, arrival and dismissal will be staggered. Please reference the schedule below for your assigned drop-off time. 


    Drop-off and walker schedule: 

    All walkers 9:15-9:25

    Last Name A-J 9:15-9:25

    Last Name K-S 9:25-9:35

    Last Name T-Z 9:35-9:45 


    • No walkers or drop-off students should arrive at Malta Avenue before 9:15.


    Safety Guidance

    • As students exit their car, they will be expected to maintain social distance when walking toward the building entry.  Students will not congregate with other students on the campus when walking into school or in the hallways on the way to their classroom.  Staff members will be out to remind and support students.
    • Family members are to remain in their cars.  If a child requires assistance departing from the vehicle, the parent can assist but remain at the car when the child walks towards school.
    • Parents may not come into the building during arrival and dismissal.


    Pick-up Protocol

    • Pick-up Passes
      • Families that have indicated they will be picking up their child will be receiving a pick-up pass in the mail to expedite the process.  The pass will include your child’s name, teacher's name, and the pick-up time according to the staggered dismissal schedule shown below. Passes should be displayed in the passenger window for pick up. If you do not display the colored placard, please pull forward and park on Chapman Street where you will need to show your license to a staff member. 
      • Please note, these passes are intended for the caregiver who routinely pick-up their child(ren).  If you need to pick up your child only on occasion, no pass is necessary but you will need to send in a note and have ID to present on pick-up.  
      • If you need a pick-up pass,  but did not receive one in this mailing contact the main office.
      • In an effort to encourage social distancing, dismissal will be staggered. Please reference the schedule below for your assigned pick-up time. 


    Last Name


    A - J


    K - S


    T - Z



    All students will be considered pick-up students unless you complete the form below, which will grant Malta Avenue Elementary School permission to dismiss your child as a walker at 2:30 PM. If this form is not completed, your child will NOT be dismissed as a walker. Instead, your child will be considered a pick-up student and will be dismissed using the schedule above. 


    *By completing the form below, you are granting permission for your child to be dismissed as a walker at the walker dismissal time. At the walker dismissal time, your child will be released out the front entrance of Malta Avenue and will be asked to walk home, avoiding congregating on the Malta Avenue campus. Please complete this form for each child in your household. If it is necessary for your child to be accompanied as a walker, they will need to be considered a pick-up and follow the pick-up procedures outlined above.  


    Walker Permission Form: 



    Character Education Word Of The Month: Fairness:

    Our character education word for October is  fairness - Play by the rules - take turns and share - be open-minded - listen to others - treat people fairly - fairness is not always equal


    As always, please feel free to reach out at any time via email or phone call with questions or concerns! 


    Sincerely, Sarah Johnson


    Phone: 884-7250 Ext. 1351

Sarah Johnson