• This section provides a variety of program and family resources for parents in the Ballston Spa Central School District.   Under the Parents tab above are several resources that will lead to related information.

    Community Information and Flyers Now Online
    Information from local, non-profit organizations and/or partners of the district is now being posted on the district and school websites for informational purposes. Flyers formerly sent home with students are now available as a pdf file for easy access by parents and community members. This will reduce the amount of paper being sent home with students and is a more efficient manner to distribute information.

    Community Recycling Program
    The district's recycling efforts include the donation of recyclable paper products from community businesses and residents. Community members are encouraged to bring their clean paper or cardboard to containers at the Transportation Facility on Route 50 (just south of HS/MS complex). Pitching in is as easy as adding your clean paper or cardboard to the container. The proceeds from the paper are returned to the schools to support recycling efforts.

    School Closing/Delay Information
    We would also like to remind everyone about our communication plan for weather-related announcements. Cancellations, delays or early dismissals are posted here on the school district’s website, sent via Twitter @BSCSD and announced through the media via the School Closing Network (which includes both local TV & radio stations and newspaper websites). We use the SchoolMessenger system to send alerts directly to parents via email, text message and by telephone call. Parents/Guardians are automatically included in the notification system utilizing the student contact information provided to the schools (via SchoolTool). Parents may adjust how they receive the message in the system by contacting the school office but it is not necessary to sign up.

    Snow Days in the 2020-2021 School Year – For the coming winter months, our processes will be a bit different than in the past.

    * January 25, 2021 update: As we are at the midpoint in the year now and have a better sense of our operating rhythms, we will not be using the remote option in the remaining three snow days that we have available to us should we need to use them. However, if we do use all three and need a 4th snow day, we would then have to utilize the remote options(below) so as to maintain the state required 180 days of instruction.


    1. Weather-related Delay – on those mornings where we and our town highway departments need a bit more time to clear our campuses and our roads,
      1. Students in grades 6-12 will be fully remote and will follow their regular schedule for the day and attendance will be taken.
      2. Students in grades K-5 will be on a 1-hour delay for both remote and in-person learning and attendance will be taken. 
      3. ***The exception to this will be on our half-day Fridays where all K-12 students will be remote for the half day schedule. (as of 03.01.21)
    1. Weather-related Closure – While full closure will remain an option, 
      1. Advanced Notice – on those days where the weather is such that we are able to announce a closure the day/evening before, we may utilize a fully remote, synchronous (students are learning with the teacher via Google Meet) schedule depending on whether power is available in all parts of the District. Students would attend according to the regular schedule for the day and attendance will be taken.
      2. “Morning of” Notice – on days where we have to make the call by 6:00am, we may utilize a fully remote, asynchronous (students learn independently without the teacher using assignments on Schoology) schedule depending on whether power is available in all parts of the District. Additional details will be forthcoming on this option. 

    Our closure announcement on TV, the website, and School Messenger would include this information as well as BOCES, ECHS P-TECH and Parochial School information. We will also be sure to note the difference between school closure and District closure so as to be clear regarding who must be on our campuses that day.