• Computer Lab - Sheila Gregoire Teaching Assistant

    Students in grades K-5 attend a technology class in the Computer Lab with their teacher for a 60 minute period each week.

    Headphones are provided in the computer lab, however, if you would like to send your child with his/hers own set please make sure they know how to plug and unplug from the computer, and they should store them in a Ziplock bag with their name on it.

    Students learn how to use a variety of grade appropriate software applications with the curriculum that is being taught in their classrooms.

    Every 2nd through 5th grade student learns how to keyboard using keyboard covers. What is a keyboard cover? Well it is just what you might think it is, a soft plastic cover that fits over and hides the numbers and letters.

    Students must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy form on file in the Computer Lab in order to use the district's computers. The Acceptable Use Policy form will be sent home in August and should be returned with your child on the first day of school.


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