Welcome to Mrs. Valla's Website - Sixth Grade Science at Ballston Spa Middle School


    "Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I'll remember, Let me DO IT and I will understand." -- Classroom Motto

    Our classroom is designed for experiential learning.  The students participate in hands-on learning throughout the year.

    The grades are calculated as follows:  40% assessment (tests and home projects), 40% class work, 20% homework. It is important for students to study the scientific vocabulary throughout the year.

    Our sixth grade science curriculum covers the following topics.  This is the order we cover the material.  Check out the BSMS sixth grade website for details.  (The link is below.) 

    September/October                  Environmental Science

    October/November                   Metric Measurement

    November/December                Scientific Method

    December/January                   Rocks and Minerals 

    January/February                     Microscopes and Small Things

    March/April                              Human Body—Anatomy and Physiology

    April/May                                 Worm & Frog Anatomy & Physiology

    May/June                                  Energy Conservation


    Students in Mrs. Valla's class will need a sturdy pocket folder, pencils and erasers.  They also will need their school agenda in class each day.


    Review games can be found at the following links.