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  • Bienvenue à la classe de français de Madame Bredderman!

    What's happening in French class?

    It’s almost time for me to move onto a new chapter with my 2nd child. I will be out on maternity leave the rest of the school year. Madame Horvath is an experienced middle school French teacher and has been in the classroom several times already to observe and help. She is excited to continue the awesome learning happening in French class throughout the rest of the year. 

    Thanks for all the support going on at home to help foster your child's success learning French. Please remind your child to practice daily using My Links for the current topic or any topic they feel they need to review. For students who are new this year or took lab and thus have had less French than others, please have your child review the following 6th grade topics: alphabet, numbers, weather, time, greetings, colors, classroom objects, school, family, calendar, body, sports, subject pronouns, and the irregular verbs avoir(to have) and etre (to be).