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                      Elementary Overdrive                                                                            Secondary Overdrive
    Elementary Overdrive           Secondary Overdrive 

     Library Hours
    Monday: 7:15-2:30
    Tuesday: 7:15-3:30
       Wednesday: 7:15-2:45
    Thursday: 7:15-3:30
                                                Friday: 7:15-2:45                                       

               After School Rules:
    Sign up in the library with Mrs. Gerwitz or Mrs. Mascardi BEFORE 2:00.

    • You must be signed in at the library by 2:30.
    • Coming after 2:30? Make sure to have a pass from a teacher.
    • You must stay in the library until the dismissal bell rings.
    •  Come to the library with all the materials that you will bring home.
    • Computers are first come, first serve.
    • After school is for working on school work only. NO GAMES!

      Library Staff
    Mrs. Gerwitz,
    Mrs. Mascardi


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