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  • Site last updated:  Thursday, March 11, 2019 11:00 AM


    The D.C. trip is Wednesday through Friday, May 15-17!!!

    March Mayhem was awesome - thanks for all of your help!!!

    The next big date to mark on your calendars is our MANDATORY parent/student meeting on Wednesday, May 8.  Students and parents who are not in attendance are NOT allowed to go on the trip!!!  Parent Chaperone meeting at 6:00; all students and parents meet at 7:00 - in the high school auditorium...

    Also, don't forget our next group fundraiser - Tuesday, March 26, at the Sunset Grill.  Go enjoy some great food and great fun, while helping to contribute to a great cause :)

    Check out the "Resources" page on this website to download important documents... 


     We welcome any fundraising suggestions.  We would also love to talk to any businesses interested in sponsoring our trip, in return for help with advertising your awesome companies!!!  Please email mmcbride@bscsd.org...


     If you have any questions or comments about the trip or this website, please email Mr. McBride at mmcbride@bscsd.org.  I am this website's administrator and one of the members of the Washington D.C. Field Trip Committee. The other members that serve on the committee and organize the trip are Mrs. Gouvitsas, Mrs. Hughes, and Mr. McNulty.  They're pretty awesome!!!