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Mission & Vision Statements


District Vision and Mission

District Vision:
The Ballston Spa Central School District will be a place where excellent education is provided for all students, supported by a community that is active in the educational process, both at home and in the schools. As a result of high expectations and rigorous programs, students will be challenged to work hard and learn well. We will stand out among neighboring schools for our unique ability to meet the diverse educational needs of our students.

District Mission:
The Ballston Spa Central School District is committed to providing an excellent education that maximizes the potential of each student. In partnership with the family and community, our students will become responsible and well-rounded adults.  

 Instructional Technology Vision and Mission

Instructional Technology Mission:   

The mission of the Technology Steering Committee is to assure that all members of our school community will have access to a technology-rich learning environment. They will be educated to skillfully explore, evaluate, manage, and share information and outcomes. 

Instructional Technology Vision:  

A Meaningful Understanding of and Experience with Technology

A meaningful understanding of and experience with technology requires our learning community to have the skills necessary to engage with the world in productive, contributory, and responsible ways. Additionally the district will ensure materials and resources are accessible to all our stakeholders from any device, and anywhere they are connected. 

We can accomplish this in many ways:

    • To prepare our students for career, college, technical training, and/or the military, we will ignite students' passion and imagination through the use of modern and emerging technologies. 

    • To build a solid foundation for ethical and responsible behavior, we will provide digital citizenship, and development opportunities. 

    • To provide equitable learning experiences, we will use technology to support multiple means of engagement, representation, and forms of assessment.

    • To ensure accessibility, we will create learning opportunities for all stakeholders to understand how technology can enhance their lives.