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The athletics program at Ballston Spa Central Schools is founded on the principle that the playing field is indeed an extension of the classroom and the athletic experience contributes to the growth of mind and body. The cornerstones of the "Scotties" tradition were laid generations ago by some of the community’s most respected student athletes, many of whom continue to be involved in the athletic program as supportive parents and sports boosters. While the names change from year to year, the principles they embodied remain the same – dedication and desire, cooperation and compassion, and the importance of working collectively toward a common goal. These are just some of the ideas that echo across the Ballston Spa playing fields and gymnasiums.



The Scotties Store is up and running.



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Athletics Hall of Fame

The Ballston Spa Scotties are privileged to have a great group of volunteers who have organized a Ballston Spa Athletics Hall of Fame. Please visit the Athletics Hall of Fame information on our website or the Hall of Fame's website at for more information.



William R. Scott

WR Scott - 2005 print.JPG

color sketch by Gary Damico, HS Art Instructor, 2005 

logo 2023

The Scottie dog became the Ballston Spa mascot in the 1960’s. It was in honor of William R. Scott, a longtime district teacher, coach and Athletic Director. His teams were referred to as “Scottie’s Boys” so the Scottie dog became the logo that was utilized as the team mascot.