What is Flipped Learning

  • What is Flipped Learning?

    The flipped learning model is when direct instruction is done through videos, or another learning object that students can use individually prior to coming to class.  This model allows for a time shift where the teacher can now provide a more strategic approach to the use of in-class time, allowing more individual or small group attention. 


    How can the Flipped Learning model benefit my child?

    “Students need teachers most when they are stuck on a difficult concept or problem that, in a traditional classroom, often happens at home, when the teacher is unavailable” (Bergmann & Sams, 2014).  The flipped learning model will allow your child to work through difficult math concepts in the classroom with teacher support.  Students can come to school already prepared with questions and be more engaged in their learning.  This model provides a student-centered approach and enables students with more individualized support and differentiation based on their own unique needs. 


    How will this model better prepare my child for middle school?

    Middle school teachers at the Ballston Spa School District frequently utilize the use of math videos to assist with homework.  Your child will greatly benefit from starting this as a fifth-grader and be well-prepared heading into the middle school.








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