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    • 4th Grade Curriculum
    • Homework Policy
    • Grading Policy
    • Birthday Celebration
    • Scholastic Book Orders
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     4th Grade Curriculum

    This year we have adopted national Common Core Learning Standards, which we will be implementing across all subject areas. These standards emphasize rigor and relevance, as well as challenge our students to think and perform on higher intellectual levels.


    English Language Arts - In order to achieve the Common Core Learning Standards a multitude of resources and approaches will be utilized this year. We will use our reading program called Journeys, as well as novels, magazine articles, and NY Ready materials. Furthermore, students will be exposed to numerous texts, to continue to practice various reading skills. This will be especially prevalent in science and social studies. 



    Math - The math program that we use is Go Math. This year we will be building our understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We will be reviewing and learning different algorithms for each of these areas, and choosing one that fits us best. We will also be studying place value, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, patterns, geometry and measurement. 

    Social Studies - We study New York State in fourth grade. The emphasis is on how it changed with events throughout history. Some of the major units of study are: Geography of New York State, Native People of NY, Explorers of NY, Colonial and Revolutionary Period in NY, Government, Westward Movement and Industrialization, Freedom and Change, as well as, Immigration and Migration. 


    Science – This year we will have several science kits: Electrical Circuits, Energy Collisions and Animal & Plant Structures/Functions.  We will be improving our inquiry skills and begin to ask questions about the world we live in.  Science is often a favorite subject among fourth graders!

    Homework Policy

    Why assign homework?

            Homework is assigned as practice.  As in any sport or hobby, the more your child practices, the better he/she performs.  Homework is also assigned so your child develops self-efficiency, responsibility, and organizational skills that are needed to be successful in school.


    When will homework be assigned?

            Approximately 45 minutes of homework will be assigned everyday, except for most Fridays.  In addition, your child will be expected to read for 15 minutes.


    Will homework be graded?

            To ensure completion, your child’s teacher will check in homework everyday.  Some assignments will be graded, while others will be reviewed in class. If your child doesn’t complete his/her homework on a regular basis, his/her grades will suffer.


    What will happen if homework isn’t completed?

            If your child doesn’t complete his/her homework, he/she will fill out a Homework Alert in class.  This sheet will be sent home the same day for your review and signature. Please return it to school the next day with the completed assignment(s).  If repeated Homework Alerts are necessary, then a conference may become necessary.


    What can you do to help?

    1.      Find an area for homework in the house, preferably at a desk or table far away from the television.  Stock that area with supplies, such as paper and pencils, so your child can complete his/her assignments.


    2.    Set a specific time everyday for homework to be done.  This will foster a sense of routine and structure that, believe it or not, your child will appreciate.  Make this time a priority.  If it needs to be changed due to other activities, then plan a different time. 


    3.     Give your child the support he/she needs while encouraging independence.  If possible, stay in the same room to support him/her through difficult tasks and offer praise for his/her efforts.  Encourage your child to talk to his/her teacher if something is too difficult.


    4.    Check your child’s agenda everyday.  Make sure all homework is done and sign the agenda.  Help your child pack his/her backpack in the evening as mornings can be very hectic!


    5.    Teaching and modeling organizational skills is the number one thing you can do to help your child learn good study skills.


    I am looking forward to a wonderful year with you and your child.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our homework policy, please call or e-mail me at Milton Terrace Elementary (884-7210, extension 3351).  Thank you for your support!




    Grading Policy

    4 – Outstanding Job!!

    -         EXCEEDS Common Core learning standards

    -         Performance above grade level

    -         Contains very few or no errors

    -         Complete understanding of concept taught

    -         Shows higher level thinking

    -         Went above and beyond what was required


    3 – Nice Job!!

    -         Frequently meets Common Core learning standards

    -         Performance at grade level

    -         Contains some errors

    -         Shows an understanding of what was taught

    -         Completed all required elements


    2 – Good Try!!

    -         Occasionally meets Common Core learning standards

    -         Performance below grade level

    -         Contains many errors

    -         Shows some confusion on the concept taught

    -         Some of the required elements are missing


    1 – Needs Improvement

    -         Rarely meets the Common Core learning standards

    -         Performance usually below grade level

    -         Too many errors that interfere with the task

    -         Lack of understanding of the concept taught

    -         Did not complete the required elements

    PBIS Rules:


    Be Safe!

    Be Respectful!

    Be Responsible!



    Birthday Celebrations

    The class will celebrate birthdays once each month.  Students who celebrate a birthday during the month are welcome to bring in a non-food item to share with the class (such as pencils, stickers, etc.). Thanks for your cooperation in this matter. 


    Scholastic Book Orders

    Once a month Scholastic Book Club order forms will be sent home.  There are usually 2 or 3 flyers for different levels of books. You can order online at scholastic.com/readingclub, where you’ll find a wide selection of quality children’s books that are just right for your child’s reading level and interests. Our classroom code to place your order online is JB6WT. Remember, you help our class earn FREE Books and supplies with every order.

    I highly recommend these books.  They are usually inexpensive (especially the paperbacks), and it is important that children have access to many books to enhance their enjoyment of reading.  If you would like to purchase books as a gift for your child, just enclose a note and we will keep the order a secret!  Please take advantage of these book-purchasing opportunities and enjoy reading throughout the year.  Thank you for supporting your child’s reading both at home and in the classroom!


    Steps to ordering online: 
            1.     Go to scholastic.com/readingclub
            2.    Enter our one-time Class Activation Code: JB6WT
            3.   Shop and submit your child's book order.
            4.   Your books will be delivered directly to the classroom. 

    Thank you and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.