My Homework

  • Homework Assignments
    Each night your child will have homework assignments. Homework assignments will most likely consist of math and spelling work.  Occasionally, students might have science, social studies, or home projects. Homework should not take longer than 30 minutes to complete. In addition to 30 minutes of homework, students will be expected to read for a minimum of 20 minutes each night. They must fill out their reading log and get it signed every night. Reading every night will allow students to build their background knowledge, increase their vocabulary, apply comprehension skills and strategies,and help improve fluency. If your child is becoming overly frustrated while trying to complete a homework assignment please either call, email, or jot me a note in their agenda explaining what happened.

    As part of our morning routine, students fill out their homework in their agendas for that night. I check to make sure each student has the proper assignments written down. Please check to make sure that your child has completed his/her homework each night and sign their agenda after their homework is completed. Homework serves many important purposes: 

    Homework allows students to learn how to be responsible (homework is a part of their "job" as a student), is a tool that teachers use to see how well students are understanding concepts taught in school, allows students to practice skills learned in school, and allows students to work on their independence and organization skills.