Fill a Bucket

  • We are Bucket Fillers!

    In our classroom, we will be working hard to be "bucket fillers!" We have read the story "Have you Filled a Bucket Today" by Carol McCloud. This book shares the story of how everyone has an invisible bucket with them. When we are kind to others we fill their buckets. When we use unkind words and actions we dip from their buckets. Other people can also fill our buckets or dip from our buckets. The story in this book shows students just how rewarding it is when you are kind, appreciative, and loving. We fill others' buckets through our positive actions and words. We want to make sure we are "bucket fillers" and not "bucket dippers".

    Every Monday students will choose a stick with one of their classmates name on it. Throughout the week they will make sure they fill that particular students bucket. They will fill out a ticket and place it in that student's "bucket." We will share our tickets on Friday afternoons. This is a wonderful and positive way to end the week and each student will go home every weekend with a filled bucket! :) Throughout the week students will have the opportunity to fill their classmates buckets by writing positive notes to them!