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  • School Calendar


    You will find current events, field trips, parties, guest speakers, and various other events, or special days posted on the calendar below for our class and school.  Be sure to check the weekly newsletters for important information and dates as well.  Electronic versions of the newsletter are located in "Classroom News."

    Book Orders

    Due last Friday of each month

    1. Visit Scholastic Reading Club, or submit your order/payment to Mrs. Pelneau (checks only, please!).

    2. Enter the one-time Class Activation Code: LH422

    3. Shop for great books & submit your order online.

    4. Your order should arrive within two weeks – Enjoy! :)


    Reading: Practice Spelling Words, Read for 20 minutes, & Complete Homework Log

    Math: Skill Review Worksheet, Practice Math Facts, & Complete Homework Log

    *Math homework will be collected each day.  Homework Logs will be collected at the end of each week.  Your child should be reading and practicing their math facts each night (a total of 80-100 minutes each week).