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  • What is an online resource?

    An online resource is a source you can go to using a computer or device to find answers to your questions or to simply read or look for information. 

    If you want to access any of our online resources from home, please click on the link below to find the log in information. You will need to enter your BSCSD log in information in order to be able to see the document. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. McIntyre by email at


    Click here: MTE Library - Online Resources


    An online encyclopedia is an informational resource that contains articles on various  topics or subjects.

    Britannica School Encyclopedia                      World Book Encyclopedia


    An online database is a source where a collection of pieces of information on various topics is organized. These "pieces" of information can originally come from different sources, like an encyclopedia, a magazine, a book, a webpage, etc.

    PebbleGo      Pebble Go Next      Culture Grams

    Fact Cite The Lincoln Library Online      Science Flix

    Scholastic Go      Power Knowledge Life Science

    Brain Pop Jr.            Brain Pop  




    An eBook is a book that can be read using a device that is connected to the Internet. An interactive book is like an eBook except that you can participate in your reading using a device.

    Tumble Books      Sora      Rosen Learning Center   



    A website is a group of webpages that often contain information that are made available by an individual, a company, or an organization. Be careful when using websites as sources of information!


    Watch out for the TRAAP     

    Timeliness (the "newness" of the information; When was the information published?; © date)

    Relevance (the importance of the information to you; Does the source help you answer your questions?; Is it too advanced? Or too basic?)

    Authority (the source of the information; Who is the author? Are they an expert on the topic?)

    Accuracy (the reliability and correctness of the information; Who published the information? .com, .gov, .edu, .net, .K12, . org, .mil)

    Purpose (the reason the information was created; Was the information published to inform, entertain, persuade, sell? Is more than one perspective given?)