Dewey Decimal System

  • Put your knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System to the test!

    Play these games and let the fun begin...


    Click on How to Play for the instructions.

    Then click on New Game and select either fiction or Dewey.

    Start at Level 1 and try to make it through Level 3

    for each section of the library.

    Record your answers on the Shelve-It record sheet.

    Can You Do The Dewey?

    Learn more about the Dewey Decimal System by

    clicking on that section of the Can You Do the Dewey

    website. Add more decimal divisions to your

    Dewey Decimal table (hint: this will help you with the game!).

    Then, test your knowledge by playing the Can You Do the Dewey game.

    Start at Level 1 and move on to Levels 2 and 3.

    Record your scores after you complete each level.

    Who will be the Dewey guru?

    Just for fun...(the Dewey Rap)