Library Policies


    The Library Program at MTN

    This year at MTN all students will come to the library media center for a 60 minute period once a week. During this time, students will become immersed in fiction and nonfiction texts, ask questions, learn how to navigate available information in order to find information to answer their questions, become responsible information seekers, and create products to express their new found knowledge. The 60 minute period will include an opportunity for students to borrow materials from the library. 



    Kindergarten and Grade 1 - Students will come to the library weekly to exchange books. If they are absent on that day or forget their book, they may visit the library at anytime with their teacher's permission. Students select one item that they may keep for the week.

    Grades 2-5 - Students will come to the library weekly with their class. If a student is absent on that day, forget their book, or finish their book in less than one week's time, he/she may visit the library at anytime with the teacher's permission. Students may borrow two items that they may keep for the week. If they are working on a special project in the classroom, they may borrow up to two more items in order to complete the project.

    Overdue Items

    Students will receive verbal reminders about overdue items.  Once a month, overdue notices will be given to classroom teachers to be sent home with the students. Students may renew library materials as long as another student is not waiting for that particular item. Please try to help your student remember to return their books.


    Damaged/Lost Items

    All library items are checked for damage upon return.  If damage is minor and the material can still be used, we do not ask for payment but will give a reminder about proper care.   If materials are heavily damaged and have to be removed from the library collection, we will request payment for the item. All lost items will need to be paid for or replaced. Notices/invoices for these items will be sent home with students as we become aware of the damages.


    Thank you for your continued support at home with these items! As always, please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns. ~Sheila McIntyre, school library media specialist


    “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road.

    They are the destination, and the journey.

    They are home.”  Anna Quindlen