Supply List

  • Ms. Sam’s Supply List

    o   12 sharpened pencils for the desk to start the year. Please have a supply at home for homework and to replenish the desk supply throughout the year! I do NOT keep a class supply! I would suggest buying several boxes while supplies are on sale!

    o   A box 12 colored pencils

    o   A small box markers

    o   FOUR Expo  dry erase markers (black or blue) also an old sock or eraser

    o   ONE pack of glue sticks and a pack at home for later in the year

    o   Scissors (please label with your child’s name)

    o   3 hardcover composition books WIDE RULED (different colors, yellow, green, and purple if possible)

    o   4 - POLY (plastic) folders WITH PRONGS! (Purple, yellow, green and blue) Walmart or Staples brands are cheapest and the best for what we need them for.

    ο One package of WIDE Ruled Paper 

    o   Headphones for computer use in the classroom (ear-buds are fine)

    o   1 large box of tissues

    o   Your child may like to have a soft, zippered pencil case or Ziploc bag to hold some of the supplies. 

          I do NOT keep class supplies. Your child is responsible to have  the supplies needed for daily work. If you have a problem purchasing these supplies, please let me know.