ELA Homework and Guidelines


    Your child should be reading for a minimum of 20 minutes a night, even during the summer!
    Getting books from the local libraries or signing up for Overdrive from the library is a great way to have your child read. You can choose ePub, read on the browser or kindle. There are audiobooks too for them to listen.


    Reading Activities

    • Get Serious About Series: Find a series that interests your child and begin to read it together. You can read to your child, your child can read to you, and he can read a chapter independently. You and your child can interview each other as you read — ask about main ideas, events, and thoughts you each have about the books and characters.
    • Look It Up: When your child encounters a word she doesn’t know the meaning of, look up the meaning together. You can even begin to keep your own family dictionary, recording words and their definitions. Your child can create illustrations that show definitions of the words, as well. Use the word yourself, or encourage your child to use that word in a sentence sometime during the day.
    • Learn About an Author: As your child develops favorite authors, look online for that author’s website.  Your child can email or write a letter to the author (under your supervision). The author may even be at a book signing or other events in your neighborhood for you and your child to attend. You can also try this Author Hunt Printable to find facts and record what you learn.
    from Scholastic.com