School Supply List

  • You may find that you have many school supplies “left over” from last year or laying around the house.  Please know that there is no need to purchase all new supplies if you already have these items at home  (remember ~ Reduce, Recycle, Reuse)!  




    If, for any reason, you encounter difficulty in obtaining  any of the requested items, simply let me know as I do have a limited number  of supplies that I can offer to my students if needed.




    School Supply List for

    Students in Mrs. Lewis' 2nd Grade Class

    • 24 Number 2 pencils (must be sharpened in advance)
    •   3 - 4 Large Pink Erasers
    • A package of pencil top erasers (20 count or more)
    • Colored Pencils and/or Crayons  *Markers are optional - students may bring them if they wish to or not.
    • An inexpensive pair of headphones or earbuds for personal use on the laptops
    • 1 pair of Scissors
    • 1 Ruler with both inches and centimeters on it
    • 3 Large Glue Sticks
    • 2 Highlighters (any color)
    • 1 Wide-ruled Marble Composition Notebook 
    • 2 Large Boxes (ex. 200 count) of tissues
    • 2 packages of baby wipes (the "refill type" rather than the plastic tubs please)  
    • a pencil sharpener (the kind that catches the pencil shavings for less mess please)
    • 2-3 Dry Erase Markers in any color
    •  3-4 Blue-Ink Pens (students use these as their “correcting pens”)
    • 1 Sharpie marker (or similar brand permanent marker)
    • 4 Plain 2-pocket folders (1 of each solid color:  Red, Blue, Green & Yellow)
    • A water bottle that has a straw or spout top to avoid spills