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  • Welcome Math Enthusiasts!

    This site provides teachers, parents & students with information about the Common Core Learning Standards and includes a variety of resources to help students be successful in math including interactive games, favorite websites, and recommended books for children and parents. 


    For specific Common Core information, please click on the apple icon.  Choose a grade level (ex. Kindergarten)  Kindergarten Introduction à  then click Kindergarten Overview à Then choose one of the domains (ex. Counting & Cardinality).


    For math resources, please click on the chalkboard icon.  On the page, select one of the PDF files (ex. Telling Time Brochure).  In the brochure you will find Common Core Standards across the grades (i.e. what each grade level needs to know about the concept of "time"), children's books on telling time, and websites & apps for telling time. 


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