Case Management


    Acts as a first point of contact for parents and other teachers regarding special education services on the student’s IEP/504 Plan or other related support issues. 

    Contact parents via telephone call or letter within the first two weeks of school. 

    Review IEP/504 Plan with ALL classroom teachers and staff who work with the student. 

    This needs to be done at the start of each school year or the beginning of enrollment for new/transfer students. 

    The case manager will have all adults working with a child fill out the Chapter 408 form, which will be forwarded to the building special education supervisor.

    Monitor correct implementation of IEP/504 Plan including program modifications, testing accommodations and specialized equipment or service needs.  

    Ensure orders/referrals for OT, PT, Psychological Counseling, Speech and Skilled Nursing are on file, and that services are taking place. 

    Communicate, in writing, immediately to supervisor of concerns related to student’s IEP or 504 Plan. 

    Request program reviews if the need arises, BUT consult with supervisor prior to program review request. 

    Submit necessary paperwork/documentation in a timely fashion to supervisor or his/her designee. 

    You will have five (5) consecutive business days to enter information into an IEP after a CSE meeting has been held. 

    Communicate the results of the CSE/504 Plan meetings involving case management students to all necessary professionals including other teachers, office staff, principals and assistant principals. 

    Send home complete quarterly progress reports. 

    Coordinate completion of progress reports among all related service providers. 

    It should be a collaborative effort. 

    Gather pertinent paperwork from related service providers and other staff for annual/reevaluation reviews. 

    Monitor all tasks and testing follow up as indicated on IEPs/504 Plans.