• Components of Quarterly Grade:

    Tests - 35%

    Quizzes - 25%

    Homework - 20%

    *Supplemental Work - 20%

    *This includes a variety of assignments such as class work, projects, and essays.


  • SchoolTool:

    I update the electronic grade book regularly.  Please don't hestitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Key for notations on grades:

    • HC - homework coupon used

    • EX - exempt

    • L- Late

    • M - missing

    • R - revision suggested on work*

      • Revised work must include previous work and rubric, if applicable.

    • RS - Revised score

    Periodically throughout the marking period, I will print out a grade sheet showing your child's grades. 

    • The grade sheet should be signed and returned. It will count as a homework assignment.

  • Homework:

    • Homework is displayed on the board each day.
    • It's the student's responsibility to copy into his/her agenda. 
    • Homework will be scored using points or M (missing).
    • I stamp any student's agenda who does not have the work completed. 
      •  The work should be completed and turned in the next day. paper